• Name: Candice Marley Conner DSC02695 (1)
  • Place of birth/hometown: I was born here in Mobile, moved to Geneva, AL when I was six months old, and then returned to Mobile when I was seventeen.
  • MWG member for how many years: Six
  • Articles published: I’ve had articles published in Wiregrass Living Magazine, Good Taste Magazine and I had a column in Tanning Trends Magazine. I’ve had poems published in South’s ORACLE and one on Mahala’s Lyrical Pens blog. Nothing in fiction yet and that’s what I’m working on now!
  • What was your first writing gig? A magazine article titled “A New Kind of Glow” about spray/airbrush tanning. I was able to interview my aunt because she owns 25 tanning salons (Club Sun- shameless plug!) which made my first interview ever a lot less stressful :).
  • Who are your top five favorite authors right now? My top five favorite authors are Rick Riordan because I’m in the midst of his Heroes of Olympus series now, Madeleine L’Engle because she always made me feel so smart when I was little (I was the only student in science class who knew what mitochondria was and more recently, I was able to hold my own in a conversation spanning Einsteins Theories of Relativity and the Higgs Bosun ? theory with just reading L’Engle’s books. Ha!) Gregory Maguire because he has done an amazing job rewriting fairy tales, Donald Harington because wow, he may be disturbing but his work is SO interesting. And then Cassandra Clare because she balances world building, action and emotional tension so well!
  • What is your literary guilty pleasure? My literary guilty pleasure is Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series though I’m not a fan of True Blood because it’s gotten so far away from the story line.
  • What books inspired you as a child? When I was little, I loved reading THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, Hans Christian Anderson’s stories, Avi’s TRUE CONFESSIONS OF CHARLOTTE DOYLE, Bronte’s JANE EYRE, O’Dell’s ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS, and Baum’s OZ series.
  • Do you have any strange rituals that help you get in the mood to work? My writing rituals involve coaxing my two year old, Marley, to take a nap. This involves a walk around the neighborhood where we collect acorns, leaves and rocks, chasing her around the front yard til I collapse, then horsie-back riding since she climbed on my back while I was down, a cup of moo (she can’t say milk yet), reading a minimum of five books to her, and only then will she think about napping and I will write furiously for the hour she sleeps.
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The Mobile Writers Guild is an organization of professional writers and aspiring writers. Many of our members are published through agents and some are self published. Among our members are publishers, writers, aritists and people interested in the craft of writing. We welcome all to join us for our monthly meetings on the first Thursday of the month from September to May at 6 p.m. at the West Regional Library.
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