Writing Contests

The Third Annual Tracy Hurley Memorial Writing Contest

  • Short story contest open to all students grades 6-12th in Mobile and Baldwin counties.
  • Entries must be between 500-2500 words, and will be rated based on plot structure, grammar/spelling, and originality.
  • Include your name, grade, school, and story in the body of an e-mail to mwgyoungauthors@gmail.com
  • Deadline is midnight, on Saturday, November 16, 2013.
  • Winners will be announced and awarded their prizes on Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 6pm in the meeting room of the West Regional Library.
  • Two categories for judging: Middle School and High School.
  • First, second, and third place winners in both categories.
  • Prizes include cash ($25 first place, $15 second place, and $10 third place) and on-line publication for winners in both categories.

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17 Responses to Writing Contests

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  3. Danielle Demag says:

    This looks great! Thank you so much for creating this writing contest in my mom’s honor; I know she would be absolutely thrilled about this. I hope I will be able to read the winner’s story!

  4. Kira Cantrell says:

    This is very exciting!! I can’t wait to enter :3 I’m going to go get to typing. 500-2,500 words at least? Pssh! i can ream out more than that in a day! Can it be more than 2,500?

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  6. Canah McNeal says:

    does it have to be story or can it be a poem. i’m just curious.

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  8. Kimberly Chieh says:

    Can it be in a poem because I was thinking of trying a new way of writing as I don’t normally write poems?


  10. Peggy Hendry says:

    I write stories in rhyme and am very interested in joining Mobile Writers Guild. Do you have room for one more member? I write other things as well. Actually, I created the title ” The Write Stuff” when I was elected the first editor of a newletter for the Tallahassee (FL) Writers Association. I would love to share my experiences with your group, and benefit from the critiques I could gleen from your combined talents and expertise. May I join you? Peggy Hendry, phone: 421-1412, or drop me a line and maybe a copy of your latest newsletter. 11352 Ann Road West, Theodore, Al 36582 (p.s. I would leave my email address, but I’m not sure it’s set up yet on my new computer.

    • We do not have a cap on membership, so there is always room for more.
      Our monthly newsletters can be found on the main page of this site (online/e-mail only, no hard copies.) Our next meeting is May 2, 6pm at the West Regional Library. You are welcome to come see what we’re about.

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